UK Work visa

The United Kingdom has abundant opportunities for skilled workers along with being a beautiful country that is ready in offering a rich, multi-diverse and a fulfilling abroad experience. However obtaining work visas has become highly competent and difficult with U.K's point based immigration system.


A work visa for entry into the United Kingdom is governed by this Points-based Immigration System that is composed of 4 tiers of visa types.


This type of work permit has several sub-categories such as:
  • 3. GRADUATE ENTREPRENEUR: You can apply if you are a graduate and have a business idea endorsed by Department for International Trade (DIT)or a UK higher education institution . You must be outside EEA and Switzerland. There are more eligibility requirements.

    TIER 2:

    • 1. GENERAL: These work permits are issued to those foreign employees who have been offered a permanent job from a U.K stationed employer. The employer must also be willing to sponsor the employee, and the job offer must be such as not to affect the labor market in U.K. You can stay for maximum of 5 years and 14 days on Tier 2 General visa.
    • 2. TRANSFERS: These work permits are offered to individuals who have been transferred from their country of work to the U.K Branch office. Longer term staff can stay in UK for up to 12 years (if your salary > 120,000 pounds)

    TIER 4

    Tier 4 General - is for students.

    TIER 5:

    These work permits are issued to the following work types namely temporary workers, government authorized schemes, international agreements, sportsmen and charitable/religious work.


    • A permanent job offer along with the offer letter from the employer.
    • Registration with the respective authoritative body of a particular profession.
    • Educational and work experience proof.
    • Passport with a minimum of 6 months validity.
    • 2-3 recent passport-sized photographs.
    • Visa application form and its fee.
    • Relevant supporting documents and its legible photocopies.
    • Proof of dependents, if applicable.
    • Proof of funding.
    • Proof for proficiency in English.

    UK Ancestry visa

    If you are outside UK and citizen of Commonwealth country, then you might be eligible (if you can show your grandparents were born in the UK).


  • The Points-based Immigration System offers five tiers of work permits so extensive research must be done to identify which visa category suits you the best.
  • The job offer must be confirmed before one can apply for the visa.
  • The candidate must make sure that enough funding is available before applying for the visa.
  • The necessary documents and their legible photocopies must be made ready. Enter all the information that is relevant while filling the application form and pay the application fee.
  • Biometric information must be provided before one can submit the application.
  • Once the work permit has been approved, the candidate must apply for the exact qualifying period of leave as per the chosen work permit to validate it.
  • Dependent visas are available for accompanying family members. Visa applications are processed by the U.K Border Agency and usually have a processing time of around 6-8 weeks so early applications are encouraged, but not earlier than a year, for a comfortable visa application process.

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