With friendly and welcoming inhabitants and top universities offering a wide array of courses with developed educational infrastructure, New Zealand is one of the most sought after destinations by students who want to pursue their further studies in the pictorial island country. Every academic year, students from all across the globe apply for New Zealand Study Visa for better educational and work possibilities. Around 60,000 NZ student visas are granted each year.

New Zealand Study Visa Requirements

  • An international student has to be accepted for the desired course in a research organization or education institute which is approved by the Ministry of Education or the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA).
  • One must provide proof of sustaining oneself financially while studying in New Zealand and the ability to return back to the country of origin.
  • Submission of health and character certificate is mandatory.
  • Documents that are in other languages must be translated to English before submitting.

  • New Zealand Study Visa Documents

  • Coloured passport sized photographs
  • Valid passport details with a minimum of 6 months of validity
  • Medical Certificate
  • Police Verification Certificate
  • One must provide proof that one has been offered admission from an approved New Zealand education provider.
  • Relationship Proof (if any family member is accompanying you in your New Zealand Study Visa)
  • Evidence of Financial support
  • Health Insurance
  • Application Fees
  • Competent in English language and is mandatory to provide English proficiency test results (minimum IELTS 5.5 and above is required)

    Types of New Zealand Study Visa

  • Fee Paying Student Visa: If an international student is willing to study in New Zealand for a course period longer than three months duration, in that case, a foreign national will be required to apply for a study visa with all the updated required documents. This visa allows an international student to study for a 4-year course duration.
  • Visitor Visa:If one wants to study a short duration course while their visit to New Zealand, then one can do so with the Visitor Visa. Under a visitor visa, one can take a course duration of up to 3 months.
  • Pathway Student Visa:If an international student is willing to study more than one course in New Zealand, in that case, one must apply for the New Zealand Pathway Student Visa. With the Pathway Student Visa, one will be allowed to study three consecutive courses for a period of five years. This specific visa, allows one to take courses with one or more education provider approved by the Ministry of Education or the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA).
  • Post-Study Work Visa:In case, an international student is willing to obtain practical work experience on completion of their study program within the designated course duration than one can apply for this form of study visa. With a Post-Study Work Visa, one can work for three years in New Zealand under specific work conditions.
  • Foreign Government supported Study Visa:This New Zealand Study Visa is applicable for those international students who have received education loan or scholarship from the government of their country of origin.

  • New Zealand Study Visa Process for Fee Paying Student

  • Once you choose an educational institution to study in New Zealand and apply for a specific course, you will receive an offer letter from the institute to accept. Once you accept, you will be asked to pay the accommodation and tuition fees.
  • One has to undergo a medical examination as a part of the student visa process. The medical examination must be conducted by a medical practitioner approved by the Immigration authority of New Zealand.
  • While applying for New Zealand Student Visa, one has to submit a police clearance certificate, proving one doesn’t have any criminal record in their country of origin.
  • As an international student applying for New Zealand Study Visa, one must save the money receipt from the application fee.
  • The processing time for New Zealand Study Visa varies from country-to-country. Hence, one is advised to apply for a study visa at least three months prior to the course begins.

  • New Zealand Study Visa Process for Pathway Student Visa

  • To be eligible for this visa, an international student has to be eligible and have pre-requisite qualifications to undertake the following second and third study programs.
  • Under this visa, one can make a smooth transition between courses.
  • This visa allows one to work for 20 hours a week during the session and full-time during the holidays.
  • One has to submit an individual offer letter of placement from each Pathway education provider for the respective courses.
  • One must be regular with their attendance as per the requirement of the education provider.

  • New Zealand Study Visa Process for Foreign Government supported Student Visa

  • To be eligible for this form of visa, the country of origin of the international student must have an educational agreement with the New Zealand Government.

  • New Zealand Study Visa Process for Visitor Student Visa

  • Foreign nationals who are willing to study while their visit to New Zealand, can apply for this visa, which is valid for 9 months.
  • Under this form of visa, one can include their spouse or a dependent below 19 years of age in their visa application.

  • Work while Studying in New Zealand

  • While studying in New Zealand, an international student will be allowed to work for 20 hours per week and full time during a scheduled holiday.
  • While working under the study visa, one cannot compromise with one’s study program and is mandatory to maintain their pre-requisite attendance as set by the education provider.
  • Few educational institutes in New Zealand provide part-time students to its students, where one can work as a part-time teacher, or can also work in the administration department of the institute
  • As an international student, one can do part-time jobs in cafes, shops, or other skill related job.
  • Under the New Zealand Study Visa, one has to work for a New Zealand based employer and cannot be self-employed. International students are strictly prohibited to work or invest in any prostitution business.
  • Working part-time in New Zealand as an international student entitles you to the same employment rights as New Zealand citizens. One will be paid the minimum standard wage with stipulated breaks and paid public or annual holidays.

  • Approximate cost of studying and living in New Zealand

    Approximate Cost of Study Program at New Zealand Universities:
  • Undergraduate " NZ $18000 " NZ $25000
  • Post Graduate " NZ $25,000 " NZ $40000
  • Approximate cost of Living in New Zealand: NZ $ 12,000 " NZ $ 15,000 yearly.

    Benefits of Studying in New Zealand

    Some of the primary benefits of studying in New Zealand are as follows:
  • Respect Immigrants:The inhabitants of New Zealand are known for their hospitability and welcoming nature and hence, as an international student in New Zealand, one can easily assimilate and integrate into the local culture.
  • Affordable Living Condition:The provision of financially supporting international students by New Zealand in the form of scholarships and grants makes it one of the most desired destinations for foreign students willing to pursue further studies.
  • Spouse/Partner Permit:International students pursuing post-graduate or doctorate study program are allowed to bring their spouse or partner along with them with a proper work permit.
  • Developed Employment Sector:Upon completion of studies, international students can secure a well-paid job in the diverse sector, ranging from health care to technology.
  • Accessible Visa Requirement:Accessible New Zealand study visa with easy and transparent visa application procedure with minimum requirements of documents attracts students from several foreign countries.
  • Secure Society:New Zealand is ranked second in the Global Peace Index. With low crime rates, New Zealand can be considered as one of the safest countries. To safeguard the interest of every international student while studying in New Zealand, the New Zealand Government has formed the Code of Practice for The Pastoral Care of International Students which is mandatory to be followed by every education provider.

  • Covid-19 impact on New Zealand Study Visa

  • Due to the ongoing pandemic, the New Zealand Government is allowing only 250 postgraduate and Ph.D. students and 1000 priority bachelor degree international students for entering New Zealand to resume their studies.
  • Eligible international students allowed to resume their studies must contact their respective education providers.
  • Eligible postgraduate and Ph.D. students must prove they possess NZD$15,000 for sustaining themselves in New Zealand for a year.
  • Eligible priority Bachelors degree international students must provide proof of possessing NZD$20,000 for their one year stay in New Zealand.
  • Wearing of a mask and maintaining social distancing is mandatory in public places, failing to do might attract a penalty.
  • To contain the spread of covid-19, the New Zealand government has launched a covid-tracer app to keep track of the travel history of an individual.

  • Note: If you are outside NZ then send your completed application form and documents to your nearest Immigration New Zealand (INZ) office, New Zealand Embassy, or New Zealand High Commission.

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