UAE : Work visa

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has become the business nerve center of the world. A lot of people from across the world move to places like Dubai to fulfill their career dreams. If you want to get employed in the UAE, you will probably first need these three documents prepared- a residency visa, a health card, and a labor card.

What all do you need to apply for UAE visa?

When looking for a work visa so that you can work in the United Arab Emirates, you must first find a suitable job. You would be required to prove your qualification for the job. So, carry the transcripts along with you. You can even ask your previous employer for a letter confirming your experience, qualifications or any training that you have received. This would serve your purpose in case you have failed to produce documents supporting your qualifications.

The next thing you do is get a valid national passport for yourself. That ensures your admittance in the country. This passport issued by your country of citizenship should have at least one blank page in it. It must not have in it a visa stamp from Israel. Make sure it is valid up to 6 months from the date you intend to enter the UAE.

What about visa for the dependents?

If there are dependents with you, it's mandatory for them to have their valid national passports. If you are married and willing to take your spouse along, you must also get her/him a temporary residency visa. For that, you would be required to produce your marriage certificate for verification. And if you are a woman who is willing to take her kids along, you may need to produce a notarized letter or a document stating the father's approval for the same.

Visa validity

You can secure your stay in the UAE for two years. You will, however, need sponsorship on account of a business owned in the UAE or a contract with an employer there, to obtain the residency visa.

After you receive your residency/employment visa, which is initially valid for 30 days, you need to get your health check-up done. If you are HIV positive, you may not be allowed to work in the UAE. After undergoing a successful health exam, your passport will be marked with a residency visa stamp. It is after the completion of these steps that your employer applies for the labor card by paying a fee of Dhs 1,000 (approximately $272). Since getting you a work visa is the responsibility of the employer, make sure your employer has applied for your work visa properly. You can help them in preparing the paperwork.

Top Jobs to look for...

Although, you can look for any job, considering, the job possibilities in the UAE are varied, it would prove helpful to you if you list down the ones that are most in demand. Most of these employment openings are found online.

Areas like engineering, construction, and architecture are recruiting thousands of immigrant employees every year. To be, however, on a safer side, look for jobs that promise to sponsor your work visa. English teaching jobs are very popular in the UAE. Interestingly, most of these jobs also sponsor a work visa. If you are lucky enough, these jobs might provide you with accommodation facilities through the entire period of the contract. Some might also provide free airfare. English teaching opportunities are promoted in the UAE because of their increasing interest in westernizing their society. These work permits are renewable. So, you can apply for their renewal once their validity has expired.

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