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Work Visa - Switzerland

To work in another country, you need a permit; a visitor visa would not work out. If you aren't a resident of Switzerland but want to work over there, you would need to apply for a Work Visa for Switzerland. So, what does Switzerland see when granting you a work permit?

About Switzerland

Switzerland, the small country in Europe, is a major attraction for many people, with millions of tourists visiting each year. The economy of the country remains strong and is a reason people love to settle there.

Spread over 41,285 km2, the country is host to some stunning mountains, seas, and greenness. Traveling is easy with there being a comprehensive railway network along with aerial cable cars, and other transportation methods. Education and work life in here is extremely organized.

The country is also home to culturally diverse people love who love the climatic variations or local foods.

Job Prospects

If you are looking for jobs, Switzerland has loads of offers for you. You can expect high salaries and the working conditions of companies are great. There are prospects for both part and full-time jobs, in different sectors.

The country has a great reputation for having highest employment rates - and is by and largely unaffected by the global recession. However, the costs of living in the country are also high.

Work Visa for Switzerland

You will need a Work Visa to work in Switzerland if you are not a citizen of the country. Having your Visa largely depends on which country you belong to, as well as the skills and quotas that you have.

A dual system prevails in the nation for allowance of foreigners in the country.

Process of Getting the Visa

Obtaining a Work Visa for Switzerland can be difficult, considering the increased complexities in the process. In the recent years, the country has removed the allowances of foreigners based on quotas. This means that now you to have legal authorization to have your Work Visas.
You need to make an application with submission of the following documents: On the one hand, the application forms need to be filled, and on another hand, you need to make application to the Switzerland embassy for your Visa.

How easy is it to get a work visa?

Based on their decision and authorization, you can get your Work Visa. The approval can, however, take some time to come. When your application is approved and authorized, your Visa gets issued. While the procedure might seem complex at first, it is one of the most rewarding too. You would be able to get a work visa issued to you in under a month in most instances. However, it also depends on the country you're applying from and the nature of work you're applying for.

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