Work Visa - Luxembourg

Luxembourg - a name that attracts people from across the globe. Be it for education or work; people are increasingly heading to this small country in Europe. However, for working in the country, you certainly need a Work Visa.

About Luxembourg

Luxembourg is that one country in Europe where you can work and enjoy your life together. It is one of the safest countries in the world. If you are heading to Luxembourg from any part of the world, you need not worry about your safety. As far as work is concerned, the minimum wage offered in here is the highest in the world. Life is certainly grand in here, with people working and remaining busy on the one hand, and on the other, enjoying their lives attending clubs, parties, restaurants, and so on. The country is also an example of international cooperation in the world.

Job Prospects in Luxembourg

Job prospects are varied in Luxembourg. Most jobs - estimates peg it at around 44% - are for professionals. Since 2011, employment has been on the rise, and around 40% of the working population possesses high-level qualifications. Unemployment in Luxembourg has been quite stable around 6.6% (Aug 2020). If you're looking for work in the business sector, and possess relevant qualifications, you would be far likelier to get one. However, you also cannot expect to get one unless you have the necessary qualifications and experience that the respective companies demand.

There are a good many foreigners working in large numbers in this country, working and making their living. Sometimes, the percentages are higher than the nationals in many companies. Be it in any sector - you have several job opportunities. You only need to have the right sets of skills and qualifications to get through them.

However, the laws of immigration are stricter in the country. The reason is mainly to protect the individual rights of its people.

Work Visa for Luxembourg

Citizens of the EU do not require any work permit to work in Luxembourg. However, for the others, there is certain paperwork that needs to be done. The Work Visa has to be obtained. It is the Department of Employment of the country that looks after these applications and makes approvals on the same.

Process of Getting the Visa

The entire process of the application might take you anything between 4 to 12 weeks. So, it's always recommended to make the application by keeping sufficient time in hand.
You will require applying for your Work Visa along with the following documentations: Once the Department of Employment offers you with a confirmation of your application, the next step involves applying for the Visa, for which the application has to be placed to the Luxembourg embassy or the Belgian embassy depending on the area you want to apply for entering.

On approval from the Embassy, the Visa would be issued to you. The work permit is primarily important for Luxembourg to prove that you are entering the country truly to serve in a registered company within the country. Depending on the time frame that you need to stay and work in here, you can also apply for an extension, if required. It is important that all the essential documents are rightly submitted, along with the form being filled up, to avoid rejection of the Visa application, as well as to take lesser time for the approval.

After Arriving to Luxembourg

Third-country workers (non EU workers) must submit an application for a residence permit to the Immigration Directorate of the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs within 3 months of arrival to Luxembourg.

After 5 years of lawful residency in Luxembourg, workers (non-EU) may submit an application for a long-term residence.

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