Last Updated: February 08, 2021
Japan, the island country in East Asia is soaring high economically with a remarkably developed free-market economy and is ranked as the world’s second-largest economy. With its incredible economic growth and enhanced technological infrastructure, it attracts foreign nationals from all across the globe to live and pursue their dream job in one of the most advanced nations of the world.

Who should apply for Japan Work Visa?

Individuals from foreign countries willing to live and work in Japan for any duration of time are required to apply for the Japanese Work Visa. The application process for Japan Work Visa requires one to get an eligibility certificate from the Japanese Immigration Services and then apply for a Japanese work visa.

Documents required for Japan Work Visa

While applying for the Japanese Work Visa, one must submit the following supporting documents:
  1. The Eligibility Certificate issued by the Japan Immigration Service.
  2. Valid passport with its photocopies.
  3. Documents to prove your educational and professional qualification.
  4. Duly signed copy of Japan's Visa Application form.
  5. Documents with all the employment details, position in the company hired for, salary to be received, duration of working hours, etc.
  6. Documents with all the details of the employer, company name, company license/registration number, statement of profit/loss, etc.
  7. Good quality recent passport-sized photographs..
  8. The fees is about 3,000 yen for a single-entry visa and 6,000 yen for a double-entry visa.
  9. Depending on your choice of work visa, the Japanese Embassy or Consulate might ask for some additional documents.

Japan Work Visa Requirement

The requirement varies according to the type of occupation and work visa one is applying for. However, one of the basic requirements for Japan’s work visa is the Eligibility Certificate. Before applying for the Japanese Work Visa, a foreign national willing to work in Japan requires to send his/her documents to the Japanese employer or sponsor so that the employer can apply for the eligibility certificate at Japan’s Immigration Service department.

How to obtain Japan Eligibility Certificate?

Foreign nationals willing to live and work in Japan for the long term have to produce the Eligibility Certificate while applying for the Japan Work Visa. One needs to send their documents to the sponsor/employer to apply for the Certificate of Eligibility (COE) on their behalf. The COE doesn’t replace the work visa, it is a mere prerequisite to be eligible to apply for the Japan Work Visa. The COE shows that you meet all the requirements set by the Japanese government for foreign workers and hence the Japanese Immigration Service has approved your application to work in Japan.

Japan Work Visa Application Procedure

  • On getting the Certificate of Eligibility (COE), your employer/sponsor must send it to you so that you can apply for your Japan Work Visa at the Japanese Diplomatic Representative Office (Consulate or Embassy) in your country of origin.
  • Some representative offices don’t accept direct visa applications, in that case, one has to contact a registered and accredited visa application agency.
  • Submit all your documents along with the visa application to the Consulate or the agency dealing with your visa application. If required, the Consulate officers might call you for an interview or to submit some additional documents.
  • Once your work visa application gets approved, you have to go back to the consulate to collect your passport which will make way for your entry to Japan.

  • Duration of Japan Work Visa

    The duration of Japanese Work Visa depends on one’s profession and the also the duration of work contract which may range from three months to five years.

    Irrespective of work contract, if a foreign national meets all the requirements, than he/she can apply for extension of their Japanese work visa.

    How to extend your Japan Work Visa?

    To extend your work visa, you have to apply for Japan Visa Extension (Extension of the Period of Stay) at your local Immigration Office where you live and work. You need to submit the following documents:
  • Duly signed copy of the Extension of the Period of Stay Application Form.
  • Passport and Residence Card.
  • Proof of financial assets to continue living in Japan.
  • Proof of continued employment contract.
  • Details of employer
  • Passport sized photographs
  • Proof of tax payment and annual income.

  • What is a Japanese Residence Card?

    Japanese Residence Card is issued to those foreign nationals who are legally residing in Japan and have resident status under the Immigration Control Act of Japan. Foreign residents carrying a Residence Card while living and working in Japan are included in the Basic Resident Register of Japan like the Japanese nationals. With a Japanese Residence Card, one can change their residence status and can also apply for extending their period of stay.

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