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Last Updated: June 05, 2022

Obtaining a Work Visa

Planning to move to a new country for career advancement can be a challenge for people. The main challenge that one will have to face is obtaining a work visa to move to the country. The requirement for traveling to most countries is to have the right qualification or specialization in their field of work. Candidates will be required to have both educational qualifications and work experience within the field they wish to work in. In most countries, the only way to surpass the required educational qualification is to have additional years of work experience in their specialization.

The details regarding work visas for a few important countries are as follows-

Easier Countries for Getting Work Visas

A few of the countries to which one can easily obtain work visas include- While it may seem that obtaining a visa to these places is easy, the requirements that one will have to meet and the processes involved can be similar for most countries. The ease mostly comes from the different kinds of work visas available in these countries.

Australian Work Visa

Australian work visas allow candidates to stay in the country and work for the most part with the distinction in the kind of visa one gets allowing them to stay for different durations of time. The kind of visa one has to apply for is also dependent on the skilled profession of their choice.

Different Kinds of Work Visa

Work visas from Australia will either be for skilled professionals or will be sponsored visas by employers for specific specialized workers. These visas include-

US Work Visa

Obtaining a work visa for the US can be a challenging task especially with the most popular visa being the H1B visa. Candidates will be able to apply for a visa that suits their specializations. There are temporary non-immigrant visas and permanent immigrant visas that one can take based on which requirements they meet.

Different Categories of Work Visa

A few of the popular work visa categories for which one apply for include-

UK Work Visa

The UK is one of the places where obtaining a work visa can be extremely hard. There is a point-based immigration system in the country which requires candidates to have enough points based on the qualifications that can make them eligible for a work visa. They will also require an employment offer from the country to apply for the visa.

Different Kinds of Work Visa

The different types of work visas for the UK include-

Canadian Work Permit

People who wish to work in Canada will be able to apply for the different work permits available. There is the open work permit and the employer-specific work permit where the former does not require the candidate to submit proof of employment offer.

Different Kinds of Work Visa

A few different work permits one can apply for include-

Germany Work Visa

Candidates who wish to work in Germany are required to get a residence permit. A work permit will be issued and included with the residence permit which is also considered to be a visa.

Different Kinds of Work Visa

Singapore Work Visa Pass

Candidates who wish to work in Singapore will be required to take a work visa/pass. There are different work visas for different job specializations depending on the level of skill the person has. These passes have a duration of 1 to 2 years. Candidates will be able to take a Personalized Employment Pass, an Employment Pass, or an EntrePass.

Different Kinds of Work Visa

A few of the work passes one can take include-

Hong Kong Work Permit

Work permits for Hong Kong are relatively not easier to obtain due to a large number of the immigrant populations in the country that apply for work permits year after year. Foreign nationals who have specialized education will still be able to apply for work permits in the country. They are required to have a confirmed job offer and an employer to sponsor them to get the permit.

This permit is for skilled professionals and is provided after assessing the qualifications and skills of the candidate in their specified field of specialization. One of the categories under which one can apply for the permit is the Technology Talent Admission Scheme- which is a fast-track method of getting a work permit for people who specialize in fields like technology, artificial intelligence, and financial technologies.

UAE Work Visa

Candidates who wish to work in UAE will be able to get a work visa if they have a residency visa, a health card, and a labor card. They will have the option of getting a work visa by being sponsored by an employer that is based in the UAE.

Entry Permit Visa- This visa is applied for by the employer after they have issued an original offer letter to the candidate. In such cases, the visa expenses will be covered by the employer.

Sweden Work Visas

Work visas from Sweden are provided based on the nationality of the candidate that is applying. One can get employer-sponsored work permits, intra-company transfer permits, and even business visas depending on their nationality and their work specialization.

Different Kinds of Work Visa

The work visas one can apply for include-

Luxembourg Work Visa

Candidates who wish to work in Luxembourg will have different work visa requirements based on whether they are an EU or non-EU national. Those from EU and EEA countries will not require a work visa to work in the country.

Different Kinds of Work Visa

A few of the work visas one can apply for if they are a non-EU-EEA national are-

Switzerland Work Visa

The work visa for Switzerland is provided to people based on their nationality and the qualifications they have in their field of specialization. Work permits and residence permits are not separate documents in the country. Candidates are issued residence permits only which include permission to work. The residence permits issued to EU nationals and non-EU nationals are different.

Different Kinds of Work Visa

A few of the different residence permits issued include-

Tips for Getting a Work Visa