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Assurance for parents and assistance for students can be the latest US news in a nutshell. The country is on an overdrive to eliminate challenges to its democratic fundamentals. The social fabric of universal brotherhood is a bit threatened by the two incidents of violence on Indian students in the country and the country is taking strong steps and protective measures to bridge the lapse. A message from the high commissioner makes it more authentic.

Along with strengthening legal and vigilance systems US is also trying to eliminate any obstacles to visa for the students. At this moment there are more than a million international students taking advantage of the excellent higher education facility in this country. There are some brilliant students who come from places quite unfamiliar with foreign country formalities. It is very natural for them to get confused in filling up the visa forms. The local high commissions have been instructed to provide all necessary support and guidance to such students so that they can get more leverage.

Sometime earlier, it was also announced officially that any student applicant who is applying for visa renewal within four years of issue of visa will be exempt from the visa interview for it. This interview as some considered it is a very risky situation and being exempt from it is really very comforting. Though this will not benefit students directly but once they go for visa renewal this can be helpful. Most of the above news is conveyed by respective consulate generals in different countries and some of the news may not apply to all countries concerned. The news mentioned above is mostly from the perspective and announcements from some of the pioneering developing countries.

Other News, which though does not directly impact the student visa fraternity but the executive order given by president Obama on to freeze deportation of illegal immigrants who had a high school education in the country and served the military. The only condition is that they were brought into the country before they were sixteen. This means the US is protecting all adults who were educated in the country.

It is quite encouraging that the immigration department is willing to change their policies with time and student necessity. The visa norms for international students were much restrictive earlier and have changed to accept many other options to accommodate student difficulties and their ethnic obligations. There will be many more such changes as the country is willing to accept more international students.

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