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Last Updated: January 07, 2024

Singapore Student Pass

Singapore has always been an attractive destination not only for tourists but also for international students, planning to pursue their higher studies abroad. With its efficient healthcare system, well-developed transportation network, strong economic framework, and brilliant education system, Singapore guarantees a good lifestyle combined with a nurturing environment for students to prosper in their respective areas of study.

Choosing a Course

Before a candidate decides to apply for the visa application process, it is necessary to select a course and prepare a list of universities offering that particular course. The universities of Singapore offer a wide range of courses including diplomas, certificate courses, and bachelor's and master's degree courses in diversified fields such as Business, Tourism and Healthcare, Information Technology, Education, and Psychology. Singapore with its extensive research environment and highly evolved education system gives birth to some of the best universities in Asia. The most popular courses to study in Singapore are:

Types of Student Passes and Their Validity

Who Needs to Apply for the Student Pass?

Foreign students who have been issued a Long-Term Visit Pass, Dependent's Pass, and Immigration Exemption Order or a short-term visit pass to attend short-term courses are exempted from holding a student pass in Singapore. The 30 days or the remaining time on the short-term pass must be used to finish the courses. The module must be comprehensive and standalone, and it must not incorporate any industrial attachment or hands-on occupational training that entails interacting with walk-in clients. All other foreign students who wish to study in Singapore must apply for a student pass.

Cost of Singapore Student Pass

The overall cost to procure a Singapore student pass can be broken down into two categories:
The students are also required to pay a Security Deposit, indicated as per the IPA letter, which is refundable provided the applicant doesn't breach the conditions specified in the Security Bond. The applicant is exempted from paying the security deposit if:

Steps to Applying for a Singapore Student Pass

A student pass is not necessary for foreign students to study in Singapore if they have been granted a long-term visit pass, dependent's pass, immigration exemption order, or short-term pass. To obtain a pass, other international students should take the following actions:

Applying to Institute of Higher Learning

The first step in the application process for a student pass is selecting their preferred IHL. To help them narrow down their options, students can access the official website's list of IHL that have been approved by Singaporean authorities. After applying to this institute, students will receive an offer letter. Additionally, students must apply on the ICA website for their student pass through SOLAR online services. Following acceptance, it is the student's IHL's duty to register the student with the Singapore Immigration and Checkpoint Authority and submit all necessary student data.

Gathering the Required Documents

Every document that students turn in needs to be in English or have been officially translated into the language. Both the original and the translated document must be included. The documentation needed may differ depending on the nation.
Documents Required While Applying for Singaporean Student Pass:

Filling the Application Form

Following their ICA registration, students will receive a SOLAR reference number from the IHL. Using their SOLAR application reference number, name, sex, nationality, and date of birth, students will log in to the SOLAR. Students will then be required to complete the eForm16 and affix a current passport-size photo. There will be a $30 processing fee that the students must pay.

Waiting for the Decision

ICA will process the student's application after the payment has been made and the eForm16 has been turned in. Application processing could take up to two weeks. Students can use their SOLAR account to check the status of their application. If the application is accepted, the student will receive an In-Principle Approval (IPA) letter via SOLAR. The IPA letter serves as a single-journey entry visa pass that permits entry into Singapore. In order to present the IPA letter to the officials upon entering the nation, students must print it.

Upon Arrival in Singapore

Students must show the IPA letter to the immigration officer at the port of entry in Singapore along with the other required paperwork. The students will then receive a visit pass from the immigration officer.

Following that, for a $60 fee, students will schedule an appointment with ICA to obtain their student pass within two weeks of entering the nation. The Student's pass may be issued by certain IHLs. The student pass is only available in digital form. When the students arrive for their appointment, they will need the following documentation:

Steps to be Taken to Renew the Student Visa in Singapore

Through their IHL, students can renew their student pass and thus extend their stay in Singapore. If a student needs their Student's Pass to be extended beyond the initial course of study, they must apply for a renewal at least one month in advance of the pass's expiration. Students can only legally extend their stay in Singapore after their application has been accepted; reapplying for a student pass does not grant them a longer stay.

The student pass can be renewed online using the e-service. However, if the student wants to pursue a different course of study in a different institution, then a fresh application should be made for the issuance of a new student pass.

The student can also apply for the replacement of the student pass in case he/she wants to update any details or their current pass is damaged/defaced due to some reasons. The replacement request shall be made within 7 days at the Visitor Services Centre, ICA Building, Singapore. The student must carry a valid travel document, a recent passport-sized photograph, a letter from the educational institution as proof of the student’s enrollment, and an original police report concerning the same.

Working while Studying in Singapore

International students are allowed to work 16 hours per week and full-time during the holidays. The Universities in Singapore also offer a variety of internships to foreign students attending full-time University Programmes (except for the University of London). There are different employment passes provided to students such as the Training Employment Pass, Work Holiday Pass, and Training Work Permit, each demanding a specific set of criteria to be achieved.
In case the students want to work after the completion of the course, they can apply for a 1-year visit pass through the Immigration and Checkpoint Authority of Singapore.

Covid-19 Vaccination Requirements

In order to obtain a pass, students who are 13 years of age or older must fulfill the necessary formalities, including vaccination against COVID-19 and achieving minimum protection. Applicants who have been medically exempted and certified by a Singaporean physician are not subject to this. It is advised that everyone 60 years of age and older, those in medically vulnerable situations, and residents of assisted living facilities receive a booster shot of the most recent vaccine one year after the initial dose.

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