Know before seeking Student Visa for studying in Hong Kong

If you are looking forward to studying in Hong Kong and are not a resident of the country, then you should be aware of the following information.

Pre-requisite to Student Visa for Hong Kong

First of all, you should choose the course you want to pursue in a Hong Kong School / University. After that, contact the school /college/university for seeking admission. If the local educational institution confirms your admission eligibility, it is only after that that your visa application can be processed. Those students who are mainland Chinese residents may request for entry permit instead of visa to the Immigration Department.

Similar to visa permit, a local sponsor is equally important to study in Hong Kong. Before visa application, you would need a local sponsor who could declare to sponsor your education. This sponsor could be educational institution you are looking up to or could be a resident who is financially capable of sponsoring your education. Your educational institution or University might help you find a local sponsor for you. In this case, ‘Declaration by Financial Sponsor’ should be completed, signed and submitted for further process.

Other important things to keep in mind:
-- The student should be able to show that they can financially take care of the tuition and living expenses and are not a liability to Hong Kong.
-- The age of the student should be 5 to 11 years for primary education and less that 20 years for secondary education.
-- The student should be able to show merits and certificates from their previous education.

Types of Student Visa

Since a visa is a precondition to your admission procedure and your plans to study in Hong Kong, it is essential to understand the types of a student visa. The type of student visa depends on type and duration of your course / educational program. If you are aspiring for full time and long-term graduate course, the visa duration would certainly be different from that of full-time postgraduate course, part-time graduate/postgraduate programs, short-term graduate / postgraduate programs and exchange study programs at bachelors or above level. However, in either case, seeking a visa is mandatory before entering the land of Hong Kong as per the law.

Documents required for Visa application

In addition to understanding the type of visas, you must also be aware of various documents that you will need to complete the admission and visa formalities. For your reference, here is the list of forms and documents that are needed by non-resident students: Both the forms can be downloaded online or can also be sought from concerned branches of Immigration Department. Along with the above forms following documents should be submitted for applying for a visa:

Care while compiling documents along with Visa application form

By any chance, if you fail to submit even one relevant document, your admission could be at stake, as you may not get a visa or there could be a delay in seeking a visa. It is wise to cross check all the documents before submission (whether you have compiled all documents and all are duly filled/attested as per requirement, etc.) and also keep in touch with the immigration department of the University so that you can make up for anything missed. You can also check the status of your application time to time online. Also, it is advisable to complete and submit the necessary documents before time (starting of the academic session) so that you may have time in hand to finish anything left out.

Where to submit Visa application and related documents?

Submitting the documents at the right place and through a reliable channel cannot be overlooked.
You can mail the documents directly or have your sponsor send it to:

Receipt and Despatch Sub-Unit, Hong Kong Immigration Department, 2/F, Immigration Tower, 7 Gloucester Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong.

Applications can also be submitted in person at the nearest Chinese diplomatic and consular missions.

Foreign nationals residing in Mainland can submit their applications to Immigration Division of the Office of the Government of the HKSAR in Beijing at:

The Office of the Government of the HKSAR in Beijing, No. 71, Di'anmen Xidajie, Xicheng District, Beijing 100009

OR at the Immigration Division of the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office in Shanghai (SHETO) at:

The Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office in Shanghai, 21/F, The Headquarters Building, 168 Xizang Road (M), Huangpu District, Shanghai 200001.

Chinese residents in the mainland can submit their applications through the institutions they are applying for.

It is advisable to get in touch with your concerned educational institution to understand the procedure better. Most of the educational institutions lend a helping hand to help the applicants do all the necessary formalities and sometimes even complete the process for them.

By when can you expect Visa approval?

If you succeed to submit all the necessary documents astutely and if they are approved by the Immigration Department then the whole visa process may take up to 6 weeks to complete all the necessary formalities. Duration of your approved visa will depend on the duration of your study program.

How long is the Visa valid?

The visa is usually issued for:
-- In case of Undergraduate program - for as long as the duration of the program for a maximum of 6 years.
-- In case of Post-graduate and other programs - for as long as the duration of the program for a maximum of 12 months.
You would have to renew your visa before it expires.

When to renew your Visa?

Overstay after the expiry of visa is strictly prohibited. Thus it is suggested to apply for renewal of visa at least one month before the expiry of old visa if you plan to stay/study/work after completion of the study program, as the case may be. Accordingly, you can choose your application form and proceed for further formalities.

Studying in the economic hub of Hong Kong would certainly add colors to your career as four universities here have been ranked amongst top 200 universities in the world and 35-50 graduate and postgraduate courses are being offered here.

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