US Green Card Lottery

What is the Diversity Visa Program?

The DIVERSITY VISA PROGRAM, known as the GREEN CARD LOTTERY was enacted by the United States Congress in 1965. The CURRENT PROGRAM allocates 55,000 visas, known as "Green Cards" to applicants from certain eligible countries around the world. The selected applicants will be chosen in a random drawing or "LOTTERY" conducted by the U.S. STATE DEPARTMENT

To obtain a Green Card; a completed, formatted entry application must be filed with the U.S. STATE DEPARTMENT. The U.S. State Department will then select the "WINNERS" by a computer drawing or "LOTTERY." Winners will be notified by mail. Winners will then receive official forms to be filled out and an interview will be scheduled at the nearest United States Consulate to receive their Green Cards. Winners residing in the United States can adjust their status and have their interview scheduled with the Immigration & Naturalization Service without leaving the country.

Note: Your country will be ineligible if your birth country that sent more than 50,000 immigrants to the USA in previous five years. Some of them are China, India, Philippines, South Korea.

What rights does a Green Card offer?
A Green Card gives a person the LEGAL RIGHT to LIVE, WORK AND STUDY permanently in the United States and to enter and leave the country freely. You may work in the many governments, public and private jobs that are available. Green Card holders also receive health, education and other benefits. They can also sponsor relatives for Green Cards. The Green Card DOES NOT affect present citizenship. A Green Card holder may later apply for United States citizenship if desired

You must be eighteen (18) years old. You can enter wherever you are living - even in the United States. You must have at least your country's equivalent of a U.S. high school diploma OR two years work experience in a job which requires two years of training. You do not have to speak or write English. You do not need to have relatives living in the United States. You do not need to have a certain amount of money or a job waiting, BUT you must be able to show that you can work and support yourself. You cannot be a criminal, cannot be mentally disturbed, and cannot be a threat to the United States' national interest. You can enter the Green Card Lottery even if you have an immigration petition pending, such as a relative or employer?s petition. Entering the Green Card lottery does not affect current or past petitions.

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