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Last Updated: January 24, 2024

Asset Value Document for Student Visa

Article is written for prospective Indian students
Even though the in-person interview with the embassy's immigration officer is by far the most crucial step, candidates' admissions applications will be rejected regardless of how well they perform in the interview if they do not have the necessary financial documentation to demonstrate their ability to pay for their education. Again, it's part of the process, a lot of times visa officers may not look at their financial documents!

Financial proof that validates sufficient funds to support the student throughout their course of study is thus the most important document that is mandatory to obtain a study visa. Creating the asset value statement must be done with care as it should highlight all of the candidate's family's (immediate family i.e. mother or father or sibling) assets and funds with their estimate in U.S dollars.

Possible Financial Sponsors

A student can be financially sponsored in 3 ways namely,

Documents Required for the Financial Statements

Creating the Assest Value Statement

This statement along with their other bank statements completes the financial criteria required by the candidate's course of study. Many visas have been rejected due to lack of sufficient funding which makes this document mandatory while applying for the visa. All the following assets along with their estimate must be put forth while creating the summary statement. The assets include:

These statements must be made ready to submit when asked as it shows that a student is financially secure during his education period in the United States removing any doubts about his eligibility for the visa.

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