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F-1 Student Visa - USA

F1 visa F-1 visa or US student visa or study visa is granted to students (for a full-time course) and is valid generally for the period of study and permission of work outside the university is not allowed. The F visa is for academic studies (like BS, MS, MBA, Ph.D., High School, Private Elementary school, Seminary).
Student visa (F) numbers for last few years
If you are not sure about your School/College make sure to check if your school is approved, This is very important.
List of SEVIS (SEVIS stands for : Student and Exchange Visitor Information System.) approved schools

How can I get a US student visa?

For F-1 visa, applicants must be sufficiently proficient in English. English proficiency can be proved by tests like TOEFL/IELTS/GRE/GMAT. These tests are only required for non-native English speakers to pursue the course of study.

You should have admission letter (form SEVIS I-20) for a full-time course of study at an approved educational institution (as listed in above URL). You should be able to prove that sufficient funds are available (like loans/cash) to support living (for yourself and family (if anyone is coming with you)) and school expenses during the entire period of study in the United States (How to create funding documentation).

The visa officer also check if you have a strong reason to return to your home country (after completing your education).

Documents required for US F-1 (Student) visa


F-1 student visa Interview Questions

F-1 visa success rate It really depends from which country you are applying. Success rate is 80%+ for some countries in Europe, Australia, while it's low < 50% for countries like India, China.

Student visa

Student visa Experience
Hello guys finally a big relief. I got my. I was interviewed at US Consulate in New Delhi. I will be doing my MS in EE from Rutgers University.. here is my conversation with visa officer.. I saw a many rejects today.. looks like some visa officer have high acceptance rate and some officer reject more frequently. I was dressed in formal clothes (no suit though).. Here is what I think is really important : Don't be too quiet, be confident.
Here is my visa interview..
ME: Hello Sir
Visa officer : Hello, How are you doing today?
ME : I am fine thanks, How about yourself..
Visa officer : Can i see your Bachelor's degree?
ME : Sure sir, blah blah
Visa officer : What was your GRE score and how many Universities did you apply?
ME : My score was --- and I applied for 6 Universities..I got admit from 3
Note: I have seen some people applying for 15 Universities .. I think you should tell a decent number to V.O. If you tell that you applied to 20 universities it looks like a desperate potential migrant.
Visa officer : Rutgers is a good university my father graduated from there.
ME : Yes sir I am really excited about my admission and if I get a chance i will go for my PhD also.
Visa officer : You are approved.

I think it depends a lot on luck too looks like Visa officer was excited about Rutgers university and it's a human tendency. Prepare well for your visa questions (in short you should be aware of all possible
by Rajiv Mahajan