F-1 Student Visa - USA

F1 visa F-1 visa or US student visa or study visa is granted to students (for a full-time course) and is valid generally for the period of study and permission of work outside the university is not allowed. The F visa is for academic studies (like BS, MS, MBA, Ph.D., High School, Private Elementary school, Seminary).

Student visa

Student visa Experience
Hello guys finally a big relief. I got my. I was interviewed at US Consulate in New Delhi. I will be doing my MS in EE from Rutgers University.. here is my conversation with visa officer.. I saw a many rejects today.. looks like some visa officer have high acceptance rate and some officer reject more frequently. I was dressed in formal clothes (no suit though).. Here is what I think is really important : Don't be too quiet, be confident.
Here is my visa interview..
ME: Hello Sir
Visa officer : Hello, How are you doing today?
ME : I am fine thanks, How about yourself..
Visa officer : Can i see your Bachelor's degree?
ME : Sure sir, blah blah
Visa officer : What was your GRE score and how many Universities did you apply?
ME : My score was --- and I applied for 6 Universities..I got admit from 3
Note: I have seen some people applying for 15 Universities .. I think you should tell a decent number to V.O. If you tell that you applied to 20 universities it looks like a desperate potential migrant.
Visa officer : Rutgers is a good university my father graduated from there.
ME : Yes sir I am really excited about my admission and if I get a chance i will go for my PhD also.
Visa officer : You are approved.

I think it depends a lot on luck too looks like Visa officer was excited about Rutgers university and it's a human tendency. Prepare well for your visa questions (in short you should be aware of all possible
by Rajiv Mahajan