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How to get work visa?

Here are few tips (some requirements, mostly required by every country) :
  • You need to have valid job offer from a destination country's institution (company, school, hospital etc). It's possible institution might have to get approval for specific requirements before offering you a job offer like minimum wage and some other labor requirements/clearances.
  • Current passport
  • Appear for interview at consulate at your current country of residence.
  • Work visa is granted for few years and is generally renewable (in most cases you can apply for residence after meeting country's requirements)
  • You might have to get clearance certificates like Police clearance, Degrees, Health certificate etc.
  • Many countries offer path to permanent residency (once you live and work there for certain years and complete all required paperwork/legal requirements etc).
  • If you have work visa, that doesn't automatically grant work visa to your spouse.