With welcoming inhabitants and growing job prospects, New Zealand is one of the most sought after countries to work for foreign nationals across the globe. The pastoral beauty of New Zealand along with the low crime rate and a safe and secure society attracts thousands of immigrants from across the world who wants to work and prosper in New Zealand.

Eligibility for New Zealand Work Visa

  • One must have a job offer from an authorized New Zealand employer.
  • If a foreign national is applying for a New Zealand Work Visa from a country with a specific work scheme then one can be eligible for applying.
  • A foreign national can apply for a New Zealand Work Visa if a spouse lives in New Zealand and one wants to join them and work in New Zealand.
  • One can apply for New Zealand Work Visa if one is willing to come to New Zealand under a certain specific work-related event or purpose.
  • If a foreign national has studied in New Zealand and is willing to work here then he/she will be eligible to apply for the visa.

  • Requirements for New Zealand Work Visa

  • It is mandatory to provide identity proof while applying for a New Zealand Work Visa.
  • Submitting a health proof with all the pre-requisites is mandatory.
  • Character certificate from the Police of the country of the origin is required to submit while applying for the New Zealand Work Visa.
  • One must provide proper evidence stating one’s genuine intention for coming to New Zealand and leave the country as per the visa requirements.
  • There is no specific set rule for scaling one’s English competency but still one must possess basic knowledge of English to be able to work in New Zealand without any language barrier.

  • Documents required for New Zealand Work Visa

  • Two recent passport-sized colour photograph which must be taken within 6 months with 45mm X 35mm dimension.
  • Submit medical certificate (INZ1007-General medical Certificate) along with X-Ray certificate (INZ1096-Chest X-ray certificate).
  • A passport with minimum 6 months of validity is mandatory.
  • Police verification certificate is imperative to submit to prove that an applicant holds no criminal record in his/her country of origin.
  • A valid job offer letter from the employer is compulsory. The job letter should include the name of the employer and employee with valid addresses, job responsibilities and duties, details of salary, experience and qualification requirements and duration of the job.

  • Types of Work Visa

  • Temporary Work Visa:A foreign national visiting New Zealand for a specific purpose or event with a confirmed job offer from a New Zealand employer can apply for this form of visa. One who intends to gain work experience or join a business partner in New Zealand to continue their business or professionals responsibilities is eligible for this form of New Zealand Work Visa.
  • Essential Skills Work Visa:To be eligible and apply for this form of work visa, the job offer letter provided by the New Zealand based employer must be listed under the Immediate Skills Shortage List (ISSL), Long Term Skills Shortage List (LTSSL) or Canterbury Skills Shortage List. Essential Work Visas are issued under the guidelines set by the Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations (ANZSCO).Under this form of visa, an employee must receive remuneration of 50 NZD for an hour or more (or the equivalent yearly). The validity for this visa ranges within the duration of 1-5 years depending on the skill and level of work. This visa can be renewed for a maximum of 5 years.
  • Entrepreneur Work Visa:This form of New Zealand Work Visa is issued for a period of 3 years to a foreign national who is willing to set up his/her own business venture. The first 12 months of this work visa is issued to set up the business and the remaining 24 months to capitalize the business venture. To be eligible for this visa, one must not involve in any kind of fraud business and have a blueprint of the proposed business plan. To be able to set up his/her business venture, one must have a capital investment of a minimum NZ$100,000.

  • Benefits of New Zealand Work Visa

  • Respects Immigrants:The inhabitants of New Zealand are known for their hospitability and welcoming nature and hence, as a foreigner working in New Zealand, one can easily assimilate and integrate into the local culture.
  • Spouse/Partner Permit:Foreign nationals working in New Zealand are allowed to bring their spouse or partner along with them with a proper work permit.
  • Developed Employment Sector:With a growing economy and developed technological infrastructure, foreign nationals can secure a well-paid job in the diverse sector, ranging from health care to technology.
  • Easy and Accessible Visa Requirement:Accessible New Zealand work visa with easy and transparent visa application procedure with minimum requirements of documents attracts foreign nationals from across the globe.
  • Employee Rights:As a foreign national working in New Zealand entitles you of the same employment rights as New Zealand citizens. One will be paid the minimum standard wage with stipulated breaks and paid public or annual holidays.
  • Secure Society:New Zealand is ranked 2rd in the Global Peace Index. With low crime rates, New Zealand can be considered as one of the safest countries.

  • Challenges in Obtaining a New Zealand Work Visa

    Easy and accessible visa procedure with minimum documents required to submit while applying for a New Zealand Work Visa, it does make the procedure less complicated and approachable but at the same time, the limited number of visa application spots with a very short-duration of time-period to apply makes the procedure quite challenging. Most of the countries have a designated set quota, so if one wants to apply for the visa then he/she must check the number of visas designated for your country and try to apply for the visa before the due date. The visa application for every country is different and hence one must always try to submit their application at the earliest.
    As soon as the quota for each country gets filled up, the visa application procedure will close down even before the due date and hence, one can apply for the New Zealand Work Visa in the next year. For few countries, the visa application quota is as low as 50 on the other hand, for few countries like Japan, Canada, U.K, the quota for accepting visa applications from foreign nationals is unlimited.

    Employment Rights and Duties under New Zealand Work Visa

  • While working in New Zealand, one must adhere to workplace safety and health rules. In case, your job requires you to work in hazardous conditions, then, it is the responsibility of the employer to provide you with protective personal equipment.
  • One is obligated to work and stay within the conditions of their work visa.
  • It is mandatory to have a written employment agreement with the employer.
  • In case, you feel any form of threat from your employer, you can always report against it.
  • You can always join a union and your employer can’t have any say on that matter.
  • In case, you work on a ‘public holiday’, your employer has to pay you ‘extra’ or you can also take that leave on some other day.
  • While working in New Zealand, one is entitled to have ‘paid leaves’.
  • According to the new rule of the New Zealand Government, new parents are entitled to have approximately 26 weeks of paid leave.

  • Covid-19 protocol

    Wearing of mask and maintaining social distancing is mandatory in public places, failing to do might attract penalty.To contain the spread of Covid-19, the New Zealand government has launched a Covid-Tracer app to keep track of travel history of an individual.

    Last Updates: 4 Feb, 2021

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